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Our Pastor

In 1978 Kent Williams met his future bride, Deborah Fasano, at an AA meeting in Auberry, California. He fell in love with her, and they were married on July 28, 1979. Over the next ten years they had six children.

On July 15, 1981 he was saved at Auberry First Baptist Church. He was thirty-two years old. He was married and had two children. It happened during a midweek prayer service. While the deacons were praying for the church needs, Pastor Frank Duncan slipped in beside him at the pew and led him to the Lord.

In early 1982, while Pastor Frank Duncan was preaching the weekly sermon Kent felt the call to preach. He had a vision of himself in the pulpit preaching and knew that God was calling. He had never before had a vision, and has had none since.

While he worked as a logtruck driver in the summer, and lumber hauler in the winter, he went to work for the Lord driving a Sunday School bus. He then began teaching the teen Sunday School class. For the rest of his stay at Auberry First Baptist Church he worked with the teens.

For five years Kent took correspondence courses from Bethany Bible College, in Dothan, Alabama, Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Missouri and Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, Illinoise. His move to Mexico in 1985 made it impossible for him to earn a degree, but he received much well-appreciated learning. In April of 2011 he received a Bachelor of Arts Bible Degree from Pacific Baptist College.

In 1983 he and Deborah began a ministry in Shaver Lake, California, at the Shaver Lake community center. He and Deborah held Sunday afternoon preaching services. He preached and she sang and played guitar. He then began a ministry to the American Indian reservation at Burrough Valley, California and began Saturday afternoon services. These ministries prospered in souls until his leaving on missionary deputation in 1984.

In mid-1983 during a visit to the church by Missionary Tony Pisano, he felt the call to go to Mexico as a missionary. Three years later he found himself and his family teaching and preaching in Mexico. They were there for the next ten years.

After he had founded the only Bible-believing Baptist church in southern Baja California, Mexico he began sensing the call to move to another location. That location turned out to be Wells Road Baptist Church in Ventura, California. He answered the call and became her pastor on May 31, 1995.

Since then we have opened a Christian K-12 school. Our "Leaders in Biblical Christianity School" is training young men for the ministry. Our school is also training young women to be godly wives and teachers. We have six licensed preachers serving the Lord. One of them is in the U.S. Marine Corps, and one is in La Paz, Mexico.

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